Best price guarantee

If you find a better price somewhere else, we will refund the difference minus 5% on your vehicle rental, excluding options.

If, after booking your motorhome with Authentik, you find a better price somewhere else, contact us within 72 hours after confirmation of your booking with us with a detailed quote from the competitor, so that we can compare the two offers. The quote must be from the same motorhome provider and, naturally, the rental details must be similar in every respect, excluding options.

How can we be so sure that our prices are the best?

Our purchasing power gives us access to the best prices available.

Motorhome Canada is a subsidiary of North American travel specialists Authentik Canada and Authentik USA. Authentik is already the leader in the French market for motorhome rentals in Canada and the USA. Motorhome Canada is able to reap the benefits of strong purchasing power combined with carefully negociated prices with rental companies across the country.

Price comparison

The Motorhome Canada price comparison service is a unique tool that allows customers to compare prices from all Canadian rental companies with a single click. 

In addition, customers can check for vehicle availability on line.