First time in Canada and living with an RV

Micheal Sheridan Friday September 28, 2018

Having never been to Canada before or lived with an RV(Camper van) we were a little anxious having to pay so much upfront to the unknown for the unknown. Josee at Motorhome Canada was unbelievably patient and professional as she dealt with all our queries and armed with all the information she provided regarding TCA, which credit card to present, licences etc and that you have to be in Canada for a 24 hr period before you can pick up your RV after a long haul flight.
We waited a night in a motel on the pick up list from CanaDream so the pick from right outside the Airport by the Motel and subsequent drop off by CanaDream meant there were no issues with Airport Transfers on Arrival or Departure.
We were picked up half an hour after the set time, the Motel kindly checked and the Bus was stuck in traffic but on its way. The handover of the RV at CanaDream was slick but as there is a good deal of paperwork it does take some time before being introduced to the actual RV. Be prepared at pick up to be offered loads of options regarding, insurance and cleaning packages etc. Insurance cover is not a inclusive as European cover. We had our own 'Excess cover' but did buy a $150 package which included windscreen damage, tow charges and RV cleaning. Which meant you could drop the RV back without having to ensure it was clean inside and outside. Ours was definitely the dirtiest vehicle at drop off thanks to a rainy night at Wells Grey so we felt the money was well spent as we had no worries at drop of or if for any reason we needed a tow (we didn't), and suffered no windscreen damage but we did go through plenty of roadworks so a chip did prove to be a real possibility.
We were introduced to a 6.7l V8 Diesel American style truck with literally a sleeping unit attached. Simone ran us through the controls for the truck and the camper section with a thorough inspection and explanation of both. The combination of old fashioned leaf springs, its size and dim witted controls, meant it was a little ponderous but the massive torque meant you did not slow down on the many hills encountered and its appetite was voracious averaging around 16.5 mpg (imperial). The exhaust brake proved very useful outside of the built up areas as well.
For just the two of us the shed on a truck combination was ideal, we left the cases on the back seats of the truck and really enjoyed the camping experience. It is expensive though between Hire charges, Diesel and camp charges which ranged from $28 a night up to $64. We arrived during an unseasonal cold snap which while once the gas heating in the camper had kicked in we were never cold the battery could not manage more than one day before requiring an electrical hook up. We only found one spot in the two week trip where we parked for free and that was an overspill park at Lake Louise. The pass for the national parks was well worth it and while some parks do provide wi-fi it's generally only for emails so forget Netflix and bring books.
As for Canada we saw a small section of British Colombia and Alberta and were entranced by beauty of the landscape and friendliness of the people, from a wild bear less than 10 metres away, to the snow on the trees while we luxuriated in natural hot springs, the tandem bungee jump of a combined 110 years, the various coloured lakes, sharp peaks, glaciers, 4km trains, deer, moose, marmots, bears, coyote all things we encountered to leave endelible memories of a fantastic trip.

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Motorhome Canada on October 4, 2018
Good day !

Wow! Thank you for the great feedback ! We are very happy to read that you had such a good time in Canada and that our services were up to your expectations! We will make sure that your comments reach the representatives at Canadream as well as your travel agent.

Do not hesitate to contact us for you next rental or even for the creation of an itinerary. It will always be our pleasure to assist you in planning your trip in Canada or the USA!

Greetings form Montreal!
Supplier on October 5, 2018
Thank you for your comments, these are memories for life, we are happy to have played a role in your Canadian experience.

Thank you for being our guest looking forward to welcome you again in the near future.

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