Authentik Canada were great, Cruise Canada's RV could be better.

David Wylie Monday October 8, 2018

Everything Authentik did was great, efficient and informative. The booking, pickup and return went smoothly. I fully recommend them. Cruise Canada's service was good, relaxed and efficient. The RV on the other hand was just OK and in parts below standard. The exterior had not been cleaned for pickup and one of the exterior storage doors had not been secured. The interior was dirty in places especially around the sink area. The design of the interior of this vehicle is poor in comparison to Campervans in Europe. The vehicles handling is sloppy but then it's a US truck base. My suggestion is to not use the Tow mode as suggested for fuel economy. It doesn't improve it and changes the gears unpredictably. I didn't use it for 98% of a 2,500km trip and on average I used 21km per 100km (better than the stated economy). It lacks all the clever little extras that make life that bit easier e.g. potato peeler :) As a basic they should supply at least one set of disposable gloves for the first time emptying the sewer system. It would cost nothing but to me is a necessary safety provision. Simple things like matches were also missing. Yes, you can buy them but it would be a nice touch to supply them as they are easy to forget on your first shop. We had a great time but being a camper van owner I was not impressed by Cruise Canada's RV. It was OK.

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Motorhome Canada on October 9, 2018
Hello David,

Thank you for this detailed feedback ! This really helps us to work with our partners in order to always provide a better experience. Cruise Canada's fleet is not the newest, hence why they are so affordable. We're glad to see that, even if the RV was below your standards, you still received a great service.

We do hope we get to work with you again !

Best regards,