Family road trip in Quebec

Janine Murray Monday June 10, 2019

We enjoyed our road trip in a C25 vehicle, hired from Montreal Cruise Canada. However, the vehicle was very well used and fairly poorly maintained. The vehicle was mechanically sound so we chose to report the issues on our return to Montreal rather than try to report during our trip and risk losing vacation time on issues that really should have been dealt with BEFORE we took the vehicle. Considering that this was relatively early in the season, the cleanliness was poor - there was old food left in cupboards and hairs / dirt in the shower. All surfaces were poorly cleaned and the cab seats were REALLY grubby.
the vanity sink tap leaked so badly into the cupboard below (more so when attached to mains water) that we couldn't use this sink at any time nor the cupboard beneath. The kitchen sink was missing a plug which made washing up and personal washing (based on not being able to use the vanity sink) tricky. The main door into the vehicle was VERY difficult to lock and required hard slamming and 2 people (one inside and one outside to lock properly). As a consequence we spent much of our holiday climbing in and out through the cab doors - not ideal! The picnic table provided was FILTHY and the top broken. We never used it.
The kitchen kit that we paid $110 for had items missing or broken: We had no chopping board, no broom and no torch. 'Sharp' knives were more blunt than the table knives. The kettle was broken, the large pan was missing a handle (broken handle kindly placed in the cupboard) , the frying pan handle was loose, a mug was broken and the tin opener was rusty and so bent that it didn't open a tin. The microwave motor was so noisy that we feared it would blow up.
We started to explain the above issues to the Montreal team but they were so focused on signing our vehicle off and turning it around that they really weren't listening. We got the distinct impression that this van would be sent out again in the same condition. This is a shame as the team were friendly and otherwise helpful.
Based on the above issues and the cost to rent these vehicles and the extras paid for, we had hoped for better. We were expecting basic and weren't looking for a shiny new van but, overall, we would hesitate to recommend Cruise Canada and would probably not use them again. My advice to anyone taking a rental - check as much as you possibly can before you drive away!

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Motorhome Canada on June 14, 2019
Good day Janine !

Thank you for your honest feedback. We are sorry to read that you were victim of those drawbacks. Unfortunately, the high volume renters are often overloaded in periods of high demand. That being said, it does not excuse in any way the fact that you had to spend your vacation in a vehicle that did not meet your quality standards - and ours as well ! Rest assured that we will share your experience to our partner so that there can be improvements on the matter. We truly hope that the situation did not hold you back from making precious memories from your time spent in Canada.

Janine Murray on June 14, 2019
Dear Aurhentik,

Thank you for your response. We are positively minded and the failings listed did not spoil our dream vacation or our memories of Quebec!