Nice overall but with problems

Anonymous Tuesday June 25, 2019

RV was very dirty inside when we got it, as well the kitchenware.
RV was drifting heavily to the right and the wheel trembled at 90 to 100 km/h.
Propane and black reservoir indicators were not functioning properly.
Despite what was announced on the Authentik site, RV was not new, had 80k km and the seating fabrics were old and dirty.

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Motorhome Canada on June 27, 2019
Dear Mr. Gottlieb,

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the conditions in which you received your RV. Cruise gain nothing by disappointing our common customers, and what you describe below is not aligned with their policies which is the provide a clean functional vehicle.

Cruise America carries vehicle which are ranging from new to 4 years old and we do not explicitly promise a model year in our marketing material. Can you please tell us where you saw on Authentik site that we promise a new vehicle ?

Cruise pulled the vehicle information and they shown us that they provided you a model year 2017. Because they are a high volume rental company and because most of our guests are going to drive to national parks, they tend to accumulate more km than a typical passenger vehicle would during the same timeframe.

That said, their maintenance protocols are rigorous and are exceeding the standards set by the manufacturer. It seems there was a discomfort while operating the vehicle due to the wheel shaping at high speeds. Shaking at highway speed typically would indicate that a tire balancing service may be required, something could also have been stuck in the wheel, uneven tire wear due to over or under inflation can also cause road vibration. In all these cases, it can easily be corrected.

Cruise looked at their records and they have no notes about a call to their traveler’s assistance. If you had decided to call assistance, they could have scheduled a tire balancing service to eliminate the vibration.

The black and grey tank indicators can often read a level that is not 100% accurate. The holding tank system is very different than a regular house toilet where there is pressurized water to evacuate the solids. What happens in a close system like this is that a debris of some sort most likely got stuck on a sensor. The solution is to pour warm soapy water in the tanks to rinse the sensors off, drive a few miles to allow for whatever is on the sensor to dislodge itself and resume normal operation of the system. The propane gauge will never indicate more than ¾ of a tank to allow room for thermal expansion caused by the variation of outside temperatures.

We will contact you in private to give you the conclusions of this discussion we have had with Cruise concerning your rental.

Greetings from Canada.