Rachel Mcjury Wednesday July 17, 2019

The entire experience was extremely disappointing, with multiple failures in provision which only became apparent on the road. Most significant was the failure of the black water lever. This did not work, meaning that every time we needed to empty our black water tank into the dump we literally got covered in piss and shit as the waste water flooded out the moment the cap was removed and before we could attach the waste pipe. Horrific, messy and embarrassing on campsites. The worst is that when we returned the RV at the end of the week it became apparent that this is a known problem with this make! Unacceptable.

Other issues included the need to tie the bathroom door shut with string when moving, shower not working and showerhead falling off wall, drawer not closing, vent hatch on roof flying opening while driving, steering pulling to the right, no working tin opener, water hose connection leaking meaning not able to connect to city water valve at sites, tire pressure indicator came on frequently - though no information in Guide advising what this light actually referred to so we had to call Cruise America emergency to get advice), cruise control failed to work

All in all, this RV should not have been hired out. It made for a stressful week, and we just kept waiting on the next systems failure to reveal itself. Very poor exerperience and we will actively be advising friends not to use this company (though we do acknowledge that the manager at returns was sympathetic and understanding).

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Supplier on July 23, 2019
Dear Rachel,

Please accept our sincere apologies with regards to your recent rental experience with us. We pride ourselves to deliver clean functional vehicles with a smile to all our guests. We have been in business since 1972 and are the leader in the RV rental industry and this is perhaps why you chose us. I assure you that what you described above is the complete anti thesis of who we are at our core. We gain nothing by disappointing our customers. We want to thank you for the candid feedback, without it, we wouldn’t know where we have to improve. Some of the on-board systems require us to educate our guests and perhaps we should have put more effort with you during the orientation period. The low tire pressure sensor indicator is common on most passenger vehicle. The employee should have not assumed you would know what it is. It is not in our guide as the guide is a generic manual designed to describe the general functions of the RV you are renting most on board systems. Because of the various models and frequent fleet modifications, it is not cost effective to create an accurate guide for each unit. This guide is updated every other year. We chose instead to have the information available on our app. We also have tip and tricks as well as troubleshooting on it. Based on your comment, it certainly sounds like this wasn’t conveyed to you either and I’m very sorry about it. Without fixing all of the issues you describe, some may have found a resolution reducing the overall impact it had on your vacation. We completely understand why you are not happy with our services and I am sorry for our poor performance. I did see that at the time of return, that the manager rebated your rental in an effort to make amends. You have mentioned that you have received a proper response when you voiced your concerns to our manager on site. We are not perfect and we try hard to have everyone happy and we would love to have another opportunity to serve you again.


Cruise America
Customer Relations