Limitless fun and comfort

Michiel Correwyn Monday July 22, 2019

We never drove an RV before, but that’s something we wanted to do for a long time.
And it’s so fun, driving in this country is easy, even with a long motorhome.
Camping in the middle of the woods, near a river,.. No need to pack in and out every evening/morning in a hotel, it’s cozy and the perfect solution when travelling with a baby.
Their service was all you could wish for.
The camper was very modern, everything you need is in there, kitchen, bed, shower, bench,.. I think later we might buy one… ????
The campers of authentik Canada have slide outs, it means that when you’re on the campsite the side will slide out so you have more room inside, which is comfortable and a big bonus..

2 responses

Motorhome Canada on July 24, 2019
Hi MIchiel!

Thank you for your short and sweet feedback! It’s a great compliment that you have appreciated your experience in Canada. We are happy that our partners reached your expectations.

We hope to have the pleasure to work with you another time or or giving you the interest to buy your motorhome!
Supplier on July 25, 2019
It always with great pleasure that we welcome such excellent feedback from our guest. Happy to have contributed to your Canadian experience.
Wow happy that you are thinking about joining the RV lifestyle.
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