C30 Cruise Canada Evaluation

Joao henrique merten Peixoto Wednesday September 18, 2019

O C30 that we received was very used (poor appearance) but working. The vehicle cleaning was unsatisfactory. It should be improved, meanly the floor cleaning. The cover lid of the sewer pipe and the water hose were changed by our request once they were damaged. We forget the GPS/Cell Phone support in the RV windshield during the drop off. We came back to Cruise Canada one hour later and the GPS support vanished. There was no effort from the attendant to locate the equipment. Shame business!!!

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Motorhome Canada on September 19, 2019
Dear guest,

Thank you for letting us know about your experience of rental with our partner Cruise. On behalf of our entire Authentik team, we apologize for the issues encountered and the bad service received.

We are actively working to improve service levels of our partners, and your feedback his valuable. We are grateful that you brought this experience to our attention.

We will do a follow up with our contacts concerning your experience. I remain certain that they have the client's best interest at heart, and that they will look at this case seriously.

We will let you know in private the conclusion of our discussions.

Regardless this deception, we wish you had a nice vacation in our country.

Until next time, kind regards,