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Loved it!

Patrick Mcneely Thursday May 16, 2019

The motorhome was clean! The employees were very friendly and quick with getting you in and out.

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Professional all the way

Anonymous Wednesday October 24, 2018

We had a smooth trip and this was our first time hiring an RV. The staff at the centre and online were really helpful and made everything go at our pace. We would definitely recommend them and are hooked (if not hooked up!!) on taking RVs in Canada and the States.

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Maritime adventure

Anonymous Monday October 15, 2018

Person available when we picked up RV didn't speak English well enough to explain all functions.
No GPS, no hot water in shower, sheets for bed were too small - unusable
RV was reliable, Easy to handle, Met fuel consumption expectations. Everything worked other than hot shower water. Bed was very comfortable.
Manager who served me upon return of RV was rude and left me waiting for him after he checked vehicle water tanks and didn't return. I had to get another employee to phone him only to find I could leave and my account would be finalized over the next week.

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Quebec Travel

Paul Marcus Friday October 12, 2018

Authentik is awesome. Josee in particular was always responsive and super helpful. I would recommend them and use them, again.

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Authentik Canada were great, Cruise Canada's RV could be better.

David Wylie Monday October 8, 2018

Everything Authentik did was great, efficient and informative. The booking, pickup and return went smoothly. I fully recommend them. Cruise Canada's service was good, relaxed and efficient. The RV on the other hand was just OK and in parts below standard. The exterior had not been cleaned for pickup and one of the exterior storage doors had not been secured. The interior was dirty in places especially around the sink area. The design of the interior of this vehicle is poor in comparison to Campervans in Europe. The vehicles handling is sloppy but then it's a US truck base. My suggestion is to not use the Tow mode as suggested for fuel economy. It doesn't improve it and changes the gears unpredictably. I didn't use it for 98% of a 2,500km trip and on average I used 21km per 100km (better than the stated economy). It lacks all the clever little extras that make life that bit easier e.g. potato peeler :) As a basic they should supply at least one set of disposable gloves for the first time emptying the sewer system. It would cost nothing but to me is a necessary safety provision. Simple things like matches were also missing. Yes, you can buy them but it would be a nice touch to supply them as they are easy to forget on your first shop. We had a great time but being a camper van owner I was not impressed by Cruise Canada's RV. It was OK.

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Top service

Inge Geeraerts Friday October 5, 2018
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First time in Canada and living with an RV

Micheal Sheridan Friday September 28, 2018

Having never been to Canada before or lived with an RV(Camper van) we were a little anxious having to pay so much upfront to the unknown for the unknown. Josee at Motorhome Canada was unbelievably patient and professional as she dealt with all our queries and armed with all the information she provided regarding TCA, which credit card to present, licences etc and that you have to be in Canada for a 24 hr period before you can pick up your RV after a long haul flight.
We waited a night in a motel on the pick up list from CanaDream so the pick from right outside the Airport by the Motel and subsequent drop off by CanaDream meant there were no issues with Airport Transfers on Arrival or Departure.
We were picked up half an hour after the set time, the Motel kindly checked and the Bus was stuck in traffic but on its way. The handover of the RV at CanaDream was slick but as there is a good deal of paperwork it does take some time before being introduced to the actual RV. Be prepared at pick up to be offered loads of options regarding, insurance and cleaning packages etc. Insurance cover is not a inclusive as European cover. We had our own 'Excess cover' but did buy a $150 package which included windscreen damage, tow charges and RV cleaning. Which meant you could drop the RV back without having to ensure it was clean inside and outside. Ours was definitely the dirtiest vehicle at drop off thanks to a rainy night at Wells Grey so we felt the money was well spent as we had no worries at drop of or if for any reason we needed a tow (we didn't), and suffered no windscreen damage but we did go through plenty of roadworks so a chip did prove to be a real possibility.
We were introduced to a 6.7l V8 Diesel American style truck with literally a sleeping unit attached. Simone ran us through the controls for the truck and the camper section with a thorough inspection and explanation of both. The combination of old fashioned leaf springs, its size and dim witted controls, meant it was a little ponderous but the massive torque meant you did not slow down on the many hills encountered and its appetite was voracious averaging around 16.5 mpg (imperial). The exhaust brake proved very useful outside of the built up areas as well.
For just the two of us the shed on a truck combination was ideal, we left the cases on the back seats of the truck and really enjoyed the camping experience. It is expensive though between Hire charges, Diesel and camp charges which ranged from $28 a night up to $64. We arrived during an unseasonal cold snap which while once the gas heating in the camper had kicked in we were never cold the battery could not manage more than one day before requiring an electrical hook up. We only found one spot in the two week trip where we parked for free and that was an overspill park at Lake Louise. The pass for the national parks was well worth it and while some parks do provide wi-fi it's generally only for emails so forget Netflix and bring books.
As for Canada we saw a small section of British Colombia and Alberta and were entranced by beauty of the landscape and friendliness of the people, from a wild bear less than 10 metres away, to the snow on the trees while we luxuriated in natural hot springs, the tandem bungee jump of a combined 110 years, the various coloured lakes, sharp peaks, glaciers, 4km trains, deer, moose, marmots, bears, coyote all things we encountered to leave endelible memories of a fantastic trip.

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RV- A class- Vancouver to Calgary

Paul Murphy Monday September 24, 2018

RV was terrific but lots of little niggles which were not sorted before we left marred the experience

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Authentik Canada made Canada that bit more special

Anonymous Tuesday September 11, 2018

We could have just gone to Canada and thoroughly enjoyed all that is spectacular about it, and it is spectacular, but securing an RV to tour it at our own pace provided us with access to more than what we hoped for. Everything about planning our trip was straightforward, except for securing an RV to meet our needs during the busy season. Thankfully Marie-Eve from Authentik Canada was on hand to make sure our tour of BC and Alberta was one of the most memorable holidays. She was professional, responsive, worked through excellent communication and flexibility to secure the RV we required.
Canada is spectacular and touring it with an RV makes it all the more spectaular, and that experience would not have been possible if it weren't for Authentik Canada. We can't thank you enough.

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Cruise Canada huge letdown, travel agent was good

Anonymous Sunday September 9, 2018

Allthough our travel agent was good, our trip was a not as good because of Cruise Canada. We´ve had experiences with this company in the USA years back, but things have changed, or things are just worse in this Calgary location.

It started on the first day: our RV was ready and parked along the building. We got a verrry rushed explanation, the girl talked so fast and with bad pronunciation that we could hardly follow. And we both speak and understand english perfectly. After we were asking multiple questions about the inspection, she suddenly ran off. And we didnt see her since. We picked our overpriced rental chairs and bedding and started to load the RV. After a few more minutes another employee came to us and said that we had to hurry up because there were cleaning workers that needed to clean the area that THEY parked us in. And we were at the RV less than 10 minutes in total since we got the keys. We got a bit annoyed about their rushed 'service' and said in a bit annoyed tone that we were almost done, with that she ran off mad. Nice way to start your vacation eh? In a very expensive rental, you might expect some degree of service and courtesy.

After that we could experience the worn down RV. With 93.000 km run and the way the inside looked, you could see that this one has been used a lot. Hopefully it would be too much of a bother. Sadly it was. Ill list the things that were broken or badly functioning:

- the level meters were almost all broken, so we had to guess how much water and waste we had (not that hard, but still annoying after the first nights )
- the sewage system was broken/leaky, no matter how firmly we shut the valves. Once you open the waste container with the valves pushed, all the waste flowed out. Yes i got some nasty hands during this.
- the water hose was leaking, so when attached to city water, the following morning you would have a nice pool under your RV. Wasting huge amounts of water, therefore we only did this once.
- the seatbelt at the driverseat was stuck for over 10 times during our 2,5 week vacation. This means: you couldnt drive with your seatbelts on. Looking at the huge cracks in the plastic near the seatbelt mechanism: this wasnt the first time someone was irritated about this. The repaircompany couldnt fix it.
- the bed on top was on the inside side verrry hard (ok it's a small rental RV, live with it) but after a few days we noticed that the piece of wood that was attached to the moving part of the top bed was not straight. That explains the back aches after a night.
- vermin can enter the inside of the RV from the outside, and so they did. We had mice or other types of small vermin running around in the middle of the night in the lower cabinets. Who builds an RV like that, or who doesnt repair that? Scared the *** out of us the first night.
- the light in the toilet functioned badly, flickering everytime.
- the fan for cooking was really bad, made a lot of noice but barely sucked out any cooking smells/steam. And it struggled constantly, making weird noises, Even when attached to power.
- the cooking light was barely a light.
- the seating of the dining area was heavily used: 1 side of the pillow was soft the other really hard. And there were light brown stains on them, quite light so not something you would notice during a first check round. But it shows the number of people who've sat on it. Why not replace these pillows? They have ton of the same RV's, why not change seperate parts.
- the convenience kit was incomplete: no broom, while they asked us to clean the RV.
- also all the pans were really bad quality, everything sticked to the pans no matter how much oil you put in.
- the huge 'sharp' knife could barely cut a piece of meat, even chicken which is not so tough.
- some of the spoons where very badly bend out of shape, shows that no one checks the cutlery
- remember for this 'convenience' kit you pay a whopping 110 dollars to RENT it. I bet that you can buy better stuff for this money.
- the 55 dollar each 'personal kit' was just oke, 2 towels, 2 smaller ones, one linnen (no matter how long your holiday is i guess, you do it with one) and 1 quite thin blanket. Really too thin if you want to sleep no the Icefield Parkway. So we had to buy extra.

The list is quite long, and although nothing was so severe we had to go to the repair station (just the seatbelts) and/or invest a few holidays in getting things right. It did put a stain on our holiday. Especially realising you paid a small fortune to rent this vehicle + all the extra stuff.

Highly disappointed with Cruise Canada (Calgary). I'll publish this review at several places to inform people.

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Great rental company

Brandon Logie-hagen Monday September 3, 2018
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Fabulous RV comfort

Nico Oosthuizen Monday September 3, 2018
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Amazing RV time in the Rockies

Jacqueline Warren Thursday August 16, 2018

A most amazing holiday, the booking, pick up and return of the RV was easy and efficient. All my questions prior to coming to Canada were quickly answered by Laurence. I will be recommending you to family and friends.

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Calgary to Vancouver

Gareth Howell Wednesday August 15, 2018

Wonderful service pre- and during our rental.

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Good people, motorhome could be better.

Anonymous Tuesday August 14, 2018

The motorhome wasn´t old, but it seems that it was used so many times, maybe more than desired. We expected to use a better motorhome.

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Awesome trip

Lis Pedersen Tuesday August 7, 2018

We were 2 people travelling across Canada from Vancouver to Calgary, hiking the mountains and visiting family. Canadream made this possible in very comfortable and practical ways. We loved every moment of our trip.

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NECanada tour

Anonymous Thursday July 26, 2018

19 day tour of NECanada. Alto caravan V6 Kia. Caravan very cute and well equipped with everything we needed. Very smooth to tow for caravan novices. Discount Renrals in Jolliette were very good in every respect. Getting to Jolliette from Montreal was more tricky than expected but Marie-Chloe was very helpful to us non French speaking Australians. Camping in national parks in Canada was in a word fantastic.

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Tutto perfetto

Alessandro Tiretta Tuesday July 24, 2018

Dalla prenotazione alla consegna, tutto è andato molto bene.
Il camper era praticamente nuovo e non presentava problemi particolari.
Il personale è stato sempre cortese e disponibile.
Sicuramente lo consiglio a tutti quelli che vogliono vivere un’esperienza completa.

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Very good experience, better to have 7/24 call service to answer questions.

Xin Xu Monday July 9, 2018

We encountered power cut off at the first night. We couldn’t find the electricity broker to reset. We called discount but got no response. Finally we found it.

Besides that, everything is excellent. The people is nice and the RV is clean, kitchenware and beddings are new.

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First time

Leonardo Vianna Saturday July 7, 2018

It was our first trip with a RV. The trip was fantastic and we enjoy the incredible views.

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Truck camper rental Calgary

Steven Harris Friday July 6, 2018

We specifically wanted a truck camper with 4WD as we wanted to drive the Forestry Trunk Road in Alberta - mostly gravel but a numbered Highway. The Truck camper was a Ford 350 double cab and was excellent in all respects. Almost brand new with a great spec inside the living quarters. It was a pleasure to drive and coped with everything from 30 degrees C to -3 C and snow on the Icefield Parkway (yes in July !!!). The Canadream team in Calgary were very helpful and the shuttle from hotels and airport worked well.
Motorhome Canada got us a great deal and were very helpful in arranging everything inc additional insurance and various extras in the all inclusive package. we would definitely use them again.
Steve harris

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Daryl Kochy Wednesday July 4, 2018

Everyone was friendly and helpful but it was a long wait to turn in the RV.

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Very pleased

Gerard Burgers Friday June 29, 2018
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Louise Marshall Friday June 29, 2018

Hired a RV for nearly 4 weeks and loved every minute. Could take everything wherever we went. Would 100% recommend it.

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everything was perfect!!

Tomas Frontera Thursday June 28, 2018

check in was fast and the RV was clean and almost new!!

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