The Nature of Quebec

day destinations km
1 Montreal
2 Montreal Jacques-Cartier Park 314 km
3 Jacques-Cartier Park
4 Jacques-Cartier Park Tadoussac 324 km
5 Tadoussac Lac St-Jean 234 km
6 Lac St-Jean
7 Lac St-Jean Mauricie 272 km
8 Mauricie
9 Mauricie Montreal 191 km
TOTAL 1335 km

Detailed itinerary

DAY 1 - Montreal

Welcome to the one of the largest French-speaking city in the world.

We wish you a wonderful vacation in the land of forests, lakes and rivers!



Optional visit

DAY 2 - Montreal Jacques-Cartier Park ( 314 km / 03h14 )

After breakfast, the morning is yours to do what you wish. You can pick up your motorhome between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

And let the adventure begin! You take to the road in the direction of one of Quebec's most beautiful parks, Jacques-Cartier National Park.

Jacques-Cartier National Park offers magnificent landscapes characterized by stunning contrasts: mountainous plateaus fractured by steep-sided valleys. 

The spectacular scenery of the Vallée de la Jacques-Cartier river valley includes a channel more than 550 metres deep through which the sparkling Jacques Cartier River winds its way.


DAY 3 - Jacques-Cartier Park

You have a full day to enjoy this magnificent haven of peace!

The adventurous at heart will want to canoe down the spectacular Jacques-Cartier River. Canoes can be rented at the park's Discovery and Visitors Centre. Shuttle service is included.

And for hiking enthusiasts, the Sentier Les Loups trail leads steeply upward to dazzling views of the park in all its glory.



DAY 4 - Jacques-Cartier Park Tadoussac ( 324 km / 03h34 )

Today you take one of the most scenic routes in Quebec to reach the region of Tadoussac.

Tadoussac, the oldest village in Canada, is listed as one of the 50 most beautiful bays in the world.

But above all, Tadoussac is one of the best internationally renowned whale-watching sites in the world. So there is no way you can leave the area without going on a whale-watching safari!



DAY 5 - Tadoussac Lac St-Jean ( 234 km / 02h44 )

This morning you set out for Lac St-Jean, a veritable inland sea.

Today's scenic route will follow the Saguenay Fjord for a time, and then continue along the shores of Lac St-Jean.

Lac St-Jean is known for its warm hospitality. This is the ideal place to get to know the Quebec people with their customs and traditions.



DAY 6 - Lac St-Jean

Today you will pay a visit to an unusual zoo, where the animals roam free and the humans are in cages.

The St-Felicien Wild Zoo offers the chance to discover the local wildlife in a magnificent natural setting.

Welcome to the boreal forest with its abundance of wildlife.



Optional visit

DAY 7 - Lac St-Jean Mauricie ( 272 km / 03h00 )

This morning, your adventure continues with the legendary La Mauricie National Park..

You will be following a magnificent route along the historic St-Maurice River, used in the olden days by raftsmen for transporting wood.

Covering an area of 536 km², this national park gives off an air of serenity in keeping with its gently undulating terrain. On this wide plateau with its hills and valleys and network of lakes and rivers, only the changing seasons mark the passage of time.



Optional visit

DAY 8 - Mauricie

You have a whole day to spend in the lovely La Mauricie National Park.

Explore some of the park's hiking trails or take a canoe trip to Waber Falls. Don't miss the chance to enjoy a swim under one of the park's many waterfalls!

We suggest that you bring along a picnic lunch, so that you can make the most of every moment of this glorious day in the great outdoors.


DAY 9 - Mauricie Montreal ( 191 km / 02h05 )

Up at dawn, an early breakfast and then you return to Montreal to drop off your motorhome and its equipment (before 10 a.m.)

A short transfer to the airport where you board your return flight.

It's time to leave the land of lakes and rivers, with your heart full of beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

Roadtrip map